Another Non-Violent Womyn

What travesy of justice is this?!

A woman who stabbed her Royal Marine former boyfriend to death in a “jealous rage” after he accidentally called her by the name of his new girlfriend has been jailed for life.

It’s obvious this womyn was acting 100% reasonably.

I mean, there is absolutely NOTHING more irritating than when my Latino boyfriend calls me Amanda instead of Amynda. As if I want a foul word like ‘MAN’ befouling my beautiful name. I get the urge to cut the bastard pretty deep whenever he does that. Grrr!

(By the way, the fact that I have a Latino boyfriend proves that I’m not a man-hater.)

Giving this poor, delicate, non-violent womyn time in prison seems a bit harsh to me.

Bradley was found sobbing next to [her victim’s] body, saying: “I did not mean it. What have I done?”

See? She said she was sorry! What the hell is the murder victim so upset about? He’s a man, and if he can’t get over it then he’s a fucking whiner.

Anyway, I bet she could use some cheering-up. Maybe she’d like one of these knife-blocks as a present?

Great Present Idea for Any Feminist

Nothing quite cheers me up more than seeing a male form with lots of pointy blades sticking through it.

Best of all the womyn in question was not sentenced for “life”, exactly…

Yesterday the judge told Bradley, who has a seven-year-old daughter, she would serve a minimum term of nine years, less the one year, three months and 11 days she had spent in custody.

How about that? Non-aborted fetuses can be good for something after all.