Goddamit, Raped AGAIN! Maybe it’s me…

So I was in a party mood a few nights ago, and I went to this bar. I met this guy who seemed like kind of an asshole, but he kept buying me drinks, so I wasn’t going to complain. I told him I had a boyfriend, even though I don’t, and he said that that was okay because he just enjoyed talking to me. He asked me what my favorite drink was, and I told him it was a Long Island Iced Tea, so he kept buying me more of them. I mean, shit, I’m not saying no to a free Long Island.

So naturally I got pretty hammered, and he asked if I wanted to crash at his apartment. I guess I could have taken a cab back to MY apartment, but I said sure, whatever, and we went back to his place. So we were both pretty drunk, and we started making out. He was actually a pretty good kisser. And I’m not sure what happened next, but I remember telling him that I wanted to fuck him. He said that was okay and took his clothes off, so I took my clothes off too, got on top of him and started humping away. To be honest, he was kind of small and my vibrator feels a lot better, but whatever. Anyway, I’m there humping away, when all of a sudden I feel kind of a warm sensation, and he’s making weird noises. And much to my horror, I realize that he JUST CAME IN ME! WHAT THE FUCK?

He gave me permission to fuck HIM. I did NOT give him permission to fuck ME. Who the fuck does he think he is ejaculating in me without my permission? Why is it every time I go out to a bar and meet some random guy and go back to his apartment and we start making out, I end up getting raped?

So anyway, I though I’d better go get Plan B, but the nearest store was Wal-Mart, and I’m not sure if they carry it yet. Jesus fucking Christ, and here I am full of spunk. Who the fuck do they think they are telling women what drugs they can and can’t take?

They should make a birth control pill for men and force men to take it. Yeah, they have birth control pills, but WOMEN have to take them. The whole thing is just so one-sided it makes me want to puke. Why do I have to live in such a man’s world?

Anyway, I passed out on the way home because I was so drunk. And then when I woke up I was covered with my own vomit. Not only did this guy come in me without my permission, he did it when I was drunk. I wonder if that makes it count as TWO rapes? Jesus Christ, that would be just my luck.

Well, fuck, I was so emotionally distraught that I completely forgot about getting the morning after pill, and I think it’s too late now. So I guess I just have to pray for my period.

Jesus fucking Christ, this is all his fault. I should sue.