They WON’T Save a Bunch of Money on Car Insurance

I’m so angry, I’m ripping-out handfuls of my own hair!

Check-out this news from the UK: Insurer warns of rising premiums for women motorists.

Women motorists may see their premiums for car insurance sky rocket by as much as £500 a year under a new European directive… Under the proposed EU Gender Equality Directive, insurers will no longer be allowed to adjust premiums on insurance policies based on the gender of the driver in question.

What, British women will get equal treatment?!?! This is an outrage! OUTRAGE!

According to Direct Line, young female motorists are in line to be the worst affected, with premiums for women aged between 17 and 24 set to increase by an average of £1,293.60 to around £1,800 in order to reflect the increased risk of insuring their male counterparts.

How dare they ever consider charging us the same amount as a man is charged for the same insurance! Especially since we are victimized so much when it comes to driving.

For starters, we womyn have never been allowed to drive. Not ever.

Even today, we aren’t allowed to own cars.

In fact, I had to take my driving test three times before I passed– an obvious sign of discrimination.

Worse yet: when I drove to my hairdresser on Saturday, I had to put 50 cents in the parking meter for an hour, but the man who parked in front of meonly put in 25 cents. What does that tell you, systyrs?

And finally, when I saw the pricing at the hair salon I coudn’t help noticing that men’s haircuts were $12 cheaper than a womyn’s haircut. When I asked why I can’t pay the cheaper (male) price, they replied with some bullshit about womyn’s hairstyles being “more elaborate” and “more time-consuming” and “more effort-intensive”. She even said “it would be like charging Velveeta prices for brie.” GRRR! Naturally, I stormed-away in a huff.

It’s a complete disgrace that a womyn should be charged an amount that is different from what a man is charged.

And for auto insurance, it’s a disgrace that a womyn should be charged the same!

Dammit, I need a drink. Thank Goddess tonight is Ladies’ Night at the Red Lion Tavern downtown.