Go Forth And Abuse Amazon.com’s Rating System!


A new book has recently come-out: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism.

PI Guide Feminism

It must be destroyed at once!

True, I haven’t actually read it. Plus, I vow never to do so. What I will do is make fraudulent posts among the Amazon.com reviews as my way of killing any chance I’ll have to deal with challenges to the rigid, dogmatic theories that my vacuous personality is based-upon.

This really isn’t an unusual stance for a feminist to take at all. We usually think it’s perfectly fine to use fraud to stop people from reading what they want if there’s some remote danger they could reach conclusions that don’t agree with feminist ideology.

For instance, when it came to the book Women Who Make the World Worse by Kate O’Beirne, we feminists summoned a delightful campaign of lies and prevarications against it.

Exhibit A: here’s one feminist blogger who loves to clean-up politics “by speaking truth”

Go on over there. Get yourself an Amazon account if you don’t have one and write yourself a review of Ms. O’Beirne’s book. You can sign your review with an Amazon ‘pen name’ if you don’t want to be spammed with conservative hate-dreck. The goal is to ensure that Ms. O’Beirne’s book has a one star rating so no one will go out and buy it who would not have already done so.

You see, the author loves truth so very much that she’s asking people to give negative reviews to a book that they haven’t read. You can’t get any more truthful than that.

Exhibit B: this ass-kicking fellow femi-shrieker offers hearty congratulations to everyone who exploited Amazon.com’s good faith:

First of all I want to thank everyone who aided in the sacking of Kate O’Beirne’s book Women Who Make the World Worse over at Amazon. The overall book review is at 1.5 stars

She also points-out that those who point-out the duplicity of this “sacking” are a bunch of racist crybabies. Probably.

Anyway, among O’Beirne’s claims in her book is that today’s feminists are often “dishonest in their advocacy”. Well golly, I guess she’s totally in the wrong in that case: It’s not as if these attempts to slander the book on Amazon.com have totally substaniated her point. Score another victory for honest feminism!

And as for the The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism: instead of bothering to respond the facts, quotes and arguments that the author Carrie Lukas uses to make her points, we must instead try to prevent anyone from looking at it at all. Whatever it takes, we must not allow improper thoughts to germinate in other people’s minds!

In the olden days, we probably would’ve held a mass book-burning. But since that’s gone-out of style, I urge all of you to go to Amazon.com and do whatever you can to ensure that this book gets a one-star rating and plenty of mendacious comments!

Allegiance to feminism is far more important than allegiance to mere “integrity”.