NASA Wants Shuttle Commander to Fail

Oh, pussy farts! Have you ever noticed that whenever a woman is commanding the Space Shuttle, NASA makes sure it has a lot of problems, so that the woman looks incompetent?

Well, that is clearly what is happening now. And, who do they send to fix the problem? They send a man of all people out on the space walk to do the intricate repair! The woman stayed behind and fainted once or twice I think. NASA is run by patriarchal men and they do this on purpose!

If the Space Shuttle were not shaped like a penis it would get up, stay up there, not come down until ordered, and then come right on down without any problems or extra mess. A vagina shaped ship would do much better.

But, anyway, the glass ceiling was broken for a minute and now the patriarchy of NASA are trying to push the Commander-lady back down through it and lock it up for good.

Women make better astronauts. We know that. So, tell the fuckwads at NASA, OK?