More Examples of Non-Violent Womyn

Lately there has been increased media attention regarding womyn who have… ahem… supposedly committed acts of violence.


What a bunch of Backlash! News items like that are intended to retard womyn’s progress.

Everyone knows that wimmin are never violent and in fact can never be violent. Because even though were are equally-capable of doing anything a man can do, only men can do violent things.

It is true that we feminists claim that womyn are equally strong as men. Why, some of us even like to quip that we will kick any man’s ass if he gets too mouthy. But we could never inflict pain. Though we are quite strong, we are also conveniently weak. And men are impervious to injury. Bullets just bounce-off ‘em.

There is absolutely no way a womyn could ever inflict damage on a man who is larger than she is. Well, maybe if she used a knife or a hammer, that might help. Or if she threw a sharp object or boiling water at him. Or maybe if she waited until he was asleep and attacked him… nahh, none of that could happen. It’s all too difficult to imagine.

Anyway, to show how impossible it is for womyn to be violent, take a look at
this CNN article from last week:

The executive director at [Domestic Abuse Shelter Homes], Donna LeClerc, said her group is dealing with more and more cases of women abusing their mates, though Department of Justice statistics show spousal abuse arrests nationwide have dropped significantly during the past decade.

“Men have gotten the point that it’s not OK to do those things, but somehow it’s turned around, and it’s OK for women to do those things,” LeClerc said.

Well lah-dee-dah! Look at the brainless Stepford Wife: “Blah blah blah, it’s OK for women, blah blah! I suck Patriarchy-cocks blah blah! I hate myself, blah blah!”

Fuckin’ traitor.

Okay, maybe that article was a bad example of how wimmin are never violent. We certainly wouldn’t use violence against young children who couldn’t fight back like in these two cases right here: A Brooklyn mother will be imprisoned for killing her toddler son and a Boston woman pleaded guilty to slitting the throat of a friend’s baby.

When analyzing these events, it’s important to realize a very simple truth: The Patriarchy was to blame in both cases because men made them do it!

When judging the behavior of these two womyn, we must try to compassionately understand them and the pain that drove them to such acts– every bit of it caused by some man behind the curtain.

Perhaps they were abused some years before? Yeah, that’s always a good one.

Perhaps they were just acting-out their frustration at being paid 73 cents for every dollar a man makes?

Or perhaps their boyfriends simply told them to kill the children? Yes, and these poor wimyn were only following the orders of their all-powerful male masters. And in the latter case, maybe the boyfriend deliberately planted the baby in the path of her swinging knife?

So many questions, so few answers…

But anyway, this much should be crystal-clear once and for all: women are never violent.

If you doubt that, I’ll kick your teeth in.