“I’m Not A Hate-Filled Wacko, But…”

If you haven’t done so, I suggest you visit the rage-a-holic blog I’m Not A Feminist, But… The title perfectly sums-up the frustrating sentiment that we feminists often sense from the everyday non-feminist ladies around us.

Although many wimmyn out there agree with what we feminists claim to have as our goals, many of these same people treat us as if we’re a bunch of female sexists who habitually blame men for everything and condescend to those who live outside our closed-minded clique of yes-yessing groupthinkers. I can’t imagine how a non-feminist woman could ever acquire such a ludicrous idea.

I guess most women are extremely stupid.

Yeah, that’s it. They are too stupid to know what’s best for them and they resent our superior feminist intellect.

Anyway, the feisty ass-kicker Laura who runs the aforementioned site made a most remarkable post about hate.

Hate is a base and destructive emotion that she herself does not feel towards men, but she emphasizes over and over that it’s perfectly reasonable if she ever did hate men. Which she clearly doesn’t, despite everything which suggests the exact opposite:

So I woke up in a bad mood today. And I lay in bed and thought about hate (yeah, I’m in a pretty bad mood). Do you know what’s really, really not funny about hate? That, apparently, feminists all hate men, and yet all the evidence points to the opposite: men hate feminists. Not only that; men hate women. Men hate me.

So, you see, ALL men hate ALL women. This in of itself is not a hateful accusation to make, especially since it’s an indiscriminatory broad-brushed smear. And she’s quite comfortable making such a statement. I guess that suggests exactly how hate-addled she isn’t.

There is, in fact, no evidence that any feminist hates men or has ever hated men. No matter how many contemptuous, poisonous and malicious generalizations a feminist might ever make about every man who has ever lived since the beginning of time– it’s not man-hating. Nor is it even tacky. Laura herself is completely untainted by gender-based demagoguery because… she is a feminist.

Only a man’s feeble brain is capable of unprincipled malevolence. In contrast, we feminsts only hate others for decent, high-minded and progressive reasons. We hate the hate that ALL men and ONLY men are ever capable of.

Hate can be a very dangerous thing indeed. It can cloud one’s judgment, devour one’s soul and distort one’s views. It can easily lead to dehumanizing stereotypes and wild accusations sort of like the ones you see all over her non-man-hating blog:

1. Men hate me when they rape. I am lucky enough not to have been raped (yet), but I still feel that hate. I feel it when I read that 60,000 women a year are raped in the UK alone. I feel it when I know that, all around the world, women are being raped right this minute, right this second. I feel it because I know that we are not being raped by crazy psychopaths lying in wait in a dark alley as the media would have as believe, but by normal, ordinary, everyday men, by husbands, ex-husbands, boyfriends, friends, fathers, brothers, bosses, partners, ex partners, soldiers, policemen, the list goes on…

Indeed. The average man will rape you some day. She is not saying that ALL men are rapists because that would be crazy. She’s just saying thatnormal, ordinary, everyday men are rapists and are no different from crazy psychopaths.

Conveniently, such a thing is not hate if a feminist says it. Sure, it might seem creepy and sick and hateful if a non-feminist were to say such a thing, butnot when a feminist says it.

For the sake of argument, if she were to say that she sees the average black man as a potentially cruel attacker of whom you should be deathly afraid, then that would definitely be hate.

If she were to say that the average Mexican man is a scary, lust-filled thug with no self-control, that would certainly be hate. No question about it.

To say the exact same thing about ALL men in general is absolutely NOT hate at all. Nope. It’s a solemn statement of fact!

Whether you’re a genocidal man like Hitler or a man who talks with his mouth full, you’re BOTH equally evil. We feminists don’t hate you for it, though. But it’d be perfectly reasonable if we ever decided to start hating you because you so richly deserve it. Every last one of you!

Getting back to Laura’s list of why she ought to hate men:

2. Men hate me when they use porn…

3. Men hate me when they type ‘rape virgens’ into google, or ‘cut breasts fuck’, or ‘three men brutally rape woman’…

4. Men hate me when they harrass women in clubs, on the streets, in the park, in bars, on the beach, at the bus stop…

5. Men hate me when they buy lads mags and calculate how much their girlfriend costs per fuck…

6. Men hate me when they ask their girlfriends to get a boob job to spice up their sex life…

7. Men hate me when they make malicious, sexist jokes…

8. Men hate me when they question women’s right to equal pay…

It seems that hate-based acts can constitute an almost-unlimited range of things! But through it all, Laura doesn’t stoop to hating men.

Her gracious refusal to descend as low as men speaks very well of her moral character. And if she ever changed her mind and started hating men tomorrow then it wouldn’t seem like a very long bridge for her to cross, would it? It probably wouldn’t look much different from what she says right now, in fact.

But anyway, although this raving farrago of uncharitable accusations looks suspiciously like something from a bigot-in-denial who desperately wishes to rationalize the contents of her black little heart, Laura doesn’t feel any antipathy towards the shittier sex at all:

11. Men hate me when they pay money to control women in a strip club.

Fortunately, the strippers themselves don’t contribute to hatred against Laura; they’re completely off the hook.

When a woman applies for work at a strip club, she has no choice in the matter at all. None. Zero. Her signature on the work-contract means absolutely zilch. She was forced.

Forced by invisible brainwashing laser-beams from outer space. I guess that’s how the Patriarchy manages to “control women in a strip club.” And this mind-control is what prevents women from teaching math at Harvard, designing microchips and running for President. Because those are exactly what most exotic dancers would be doing if strip clubs didn’t exist.

The last item on her laundry list widens the net of male assholery even further, implicating an ever-growing gang of criminals:

14. Men hate me when they attempt to justify/ deny /defend any of the above.

Surely, the men who deny being bastards are the worst bastards of all!

If you’re a man who denies hating women then it can only mean YOU HATE WOMEN! Laura’s femi-logic is as sound as it always is. Men are guilty until proven innocent and they’re still guilty thereafter. Men’s denials of guilt are tacit admissions of their guilt because men are liars, every last one of ‘em.

After she laboriously compiles all this stuff, Laura starts to think she doth protested too little. That’s why she felt the need to clarify exactly what it means to not hate men:

EDIT: Just to clarify, when I say I don’t hate men, I don’t mean that I don’t hate rapists and abusers – of course I do – I mean rather that I do not hate men as a genaralized category of people…

…Which is why she obessively conflates “rapists and abusers” with “men” in general. As if all men are criminals in her mind. As if all men need to be punished for the act of any one man.

Yes, according to Laura’s wonderfully stunted feminist brain, “Men” are a unified hive-minded entity not unlike The Borg!


One adjunct of The Patri-Borg-archy is just as guilty as every other adjunct! The bastards.

Except, um, there’s no Borg Queen. And there’s no Seven of Nine, either. Just… er… MEN ARE EVIL, okay? And we feminists don’t hate men even though hatred would precisely explain everything we say about men. Let’s just leave it at that.

In the comments below this post, not one person disagreed with Laura’s insightful entry.

Always the astute psychoanalyst, Biting Beaver remarked:

Many men are capable of great amounts of projection. Always fearful that we hate them, why? Because they hate us and of course, we MUST hate them.

Yup, paranoid projection can be really nasty. Surely, no feminist ever has projections which cause her to conclude that most men– and never herself– are the ones who project? In the days before she took psychology, Biting Beaver would’ve just said: “I am rubber, you are glue, it bounces-off me and sticks to you.”

Since she is never one to protest too much, Biting Beaver’s profile belies its hilarious castration imagery and reveals that she isn’t a man-hater, contrary to very convincing appearances which could easily fool anyone:

No, I don’t hate men, I hate The Patriarchy.

If a man with a Blogger nickname of, say, “PainfulRapeCock” were to say on his profile “No, I don’t hate women, I hate Matriarchies”, we feminists would presumably consider it a good-humored jest. Never would we regard such an individual as being a deranged hater of women because we feminists just love to apply equal standards.

Later, the commenter FallingStar opines:

…I don’t *hate* men either but obviously I hate the ones that are capable of hurting women…

She hates only the “capable” men, such as the ones with two arms and two legs. I guess there are a few amputees she could get along with famously. And some of the quadriplegics out there might be okay. Maybe.

Returning to Laura’s first line in her post, I simply can not figure-out why anybody would ever accuse a feminist of man-hating. Even though hating men is totally and 100% justified, we would never do such a thing. That would be so… male.