What’s With The Logo?

“Amynda! How can your site have a logo which objectifies womyn like that!?” they demand. And I have to say that I am somewhat sympathetic to that complaint.

We are constantly surrounded by offensive images which turn wimmyn into sex-objects. Since a true vagina-warrior gets outraged every time she opens her eyes, finding any inoffensive image is often quite a challenge. Our female bodies are gorgeous, splendid, heavenly works of Goddesslike art. And yet we are constantly kept deathly ashamed of our own bodies because keeping womyn in a state of perpetual body-image-shame makes us easier for the Patriarchy to control somehow. That’s why so many womyn go on diets or buy the latest fashions, you know: the Patriarchy put invisible guns to their heads. The invisible gun of Own-Body-Not-Liking!

So many of us feminists try to break-free of Patriarchy’s relentless sexualization of womyn by asserting our right to flop-out our titties in public whenever we want while punching disgusting male perverts in the face when they try to photograph us on their little cell-phone cameras, which were specifically invented to keep us wimmin down and give us a poor body image. The bastards.

Anyway, the symbolism of the Feministing logo has multiple layers of complexity so it does not surprise me that people might get the wrong idea at first glance. Indeed, how often do you see a faux-mudflap which means so much all at once?


For starters, the image is meant to signify a womyn’s reaction to Patriarchy. As you can see, The Patriarchy has crawled-up her snatch and has embedded itself deep within the lining of her cervix. That is why she is defiantly attempting to dig it out. Dig, dig, dig she must!

Every womyn has too much of the unwelcome Patriarchy trapped inside her crotch. A womyn can only be whole and free once she finds the wherewithal to cram several digits up her own spout and perhaps stick-in a few other things as well.

I certainly practice what I preach. I can fit-in up to ten fingers. And I found a french fry up there last week, which is kind of weird since I don’t ever recall inserting one.

Another aspect of the Feministing logo is that it symbolizes how we wimmyn don’t need no fucking man for nothing. Nor do we even want a fucking man, except for when we complain about how so many of them don’t seem to be attracted to strong and brilliant wimmyn like ourselves. The sole exception is my Latino boyfriend, who proves that I am not a man-hater and never complains when I give him a righteous cock-punching.

Regardless, a bawdy, feisty, ass-kicking vixen like myself can enjoy her own body any time she likes, and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it you fuckers!

When I was a young grrrl my parents did not explicitly encourage me to masturbate. Nor was I provided with instructional videos or silicone modalities for the task. I had to improvise with household objects. Because of my parent’s failure to provide me with this knowledge, the Patriarchy cunningly deniedme any ability to masturbate and I did not start to explore my own vagina until the late age of 9.

I had to learn all about my delicious folds and crevices by exploring them each day. And when I began to shed endometrial lining, I would collect its effluence in a Dixie cup and throw the holy Moon-Juice upon random people in an audacious display of protest art. All on my own, I had to experiment constantly to understand how deep and wide I like penetration. And I also had to discover through trial and error why glass is not a recommended material for one’s first dildo. So this kind of self-exploration is another major aspect of the logo’s meaning.

If the logo were to speak, it would say: “Take THAT, you fucking Patriarchy! I shall fuck myself silly and there’s not a damned thing that you or any man can do about it because I am a tough and fist-swinging mega-bitch who follows her own rules, so HAH! I’m any man’s equal in every way, except I’m not as inadequate as men are! Plus, I’m a blogger.”

I hope that explanation satisfactorily answers people’s concerns.