Open Topic Thread For (GAG) Men

Lately, I’ve been getting some criticism for deleting the whiny little opinions of men who post in the comment sections.

Why do those bastards insist on barging their way into what is clearly meant to be a womyn’s place?

EVERY web-page out there is a man’s web-page, anyway. Why can’t we tough, strong wymyn have “safe spaces” where we can “protect ourselves” from “feelings of intimidation”?

Because I want to put an end to the pathetic small-dicked whining that I’m always bombarded with, I’m allowing this comment thread to be open to men. It will be uncensored and they can post whatever the fuck is on their rape-obsessed teeny little minds.

Go ahead, you pricks. Like I care what you have to say.


Topic closed, all entries deleted. You shit-brained bastards!! FUCK YOU!!!!

I am never doing that again!!