Bombardment of Israel/Lebanon Hits Women the Hardest

One thing is perfectly clear about the recent wave of violence in the Near East: only womyn are being victimized by it. This is because womyn are always the hardest-hit by any catastrophe. Since male violence always gets directed (and blamed) upon womyn and their bodies, this latest conflict can be no different.

Both the Israelis and Hezbollah have their teeny little dicks-out of their pants and are waving them around, trying to show whose is bigger. Isn’t that just typical male behavior? It would be a pathetic spectacle except that womyn are the only ones hurt by it. As usual.

Hezbollah has been firing dozens of ‘Katyusha’ rockets at northern Israel. Katyusha is Russian for ‘little Kate’. I don’t know who this Kate is, but she’s sure a fine scapegoat even though all the rockets are shaped like penises. As usual, we can always count on the Patriarchy to find some slut to blame.

Causing even more destruction than slut-blaming rockets is the IDF’s bombing and shelling. Obviously, the burning fuel tanks at Beirut airport were filled with womyn’s bodies. If there were any men nearby, absolutely no violence would’ve been directed against them.


In fact, all targets across Lebanon have been constructed entirely out of womyn’s bodies: every seaport, airport, bridge and power plant. All bombed to satisfy the sadistic blood-lust that characterizes pathetic men who wish only to harm and enslave uteruses for their own evil pleasure.

But since we’re on the topic of the Arab-Israeli conflict, it might be a good time for me to mention a great non-violent womyn of herstory: Golda Meir.


Ms. Meir was Prime Minister of Israel from 1969 until 1974. Her devotion to non-violence and peace can be discerned by her self-described “intransigence” when it came to ignoring dovish members of her own cabinet as well as snubbing an offered peace treaty from Anwar Sadat in February of 1971. But finest of all was a 1973 incident that really demonstrated how much she respected human life:

On February 21st of that year Libyan Arab Airlines flight 114, an unarmed 727 full of passengers, was coming-in for a landing at Cairo. It went off-course in bad weather and accidentally strayed into Israeli airspace over the Sinai Peninsula. Mistakenly beliving the aircraft to be on a military mission, two F-4s of the IDF intercepted the plane and shot it down, killing 108 people on board.

In reaction, Ms. Meir did what any nurturing womyn would: she praised all of those involved and proudly handed-out medals to the pilots. Soon after, she traveled to the US to request more military aid.

Yes, Golda gives me hope for the future. If womyn were in charge of running the world, there would never be any more violence or misery of any kind. Never ever ever.