Yes, YOU TOO Can Be A Victim-Vamp!

The fall semester has recently started and it’s time to start thinking about getting to the new, impressionable Freshwomyn who are looking to declare majors as the year progresses. To arouse interest in my department, I’ve created this lovely flier:


I thought of another possible caption: “If you’re not in Women’s Studies, then go get some kneepads and mouthwash cuz you’re fellating the Patriarchy!!”

My like-minded sisters ought to print-out this image in mass quantities and post them around campus, concentrating on the literature, sociology and art departments. Don’t bother placing them in buildings that house the so-called “hard sciences” because few, if any, Women’s Studies majors possess a passing interest or elementary knowledge about stuff like physics, biology or logic.

(PS- And contrary to what some wag suggested to me, the “WS” on the above t-shirt does not stand for “Wonder-Skank.” Jerk.)