Asteroid Impacts Hit Women the Hardest

I don’t really know a whole lot about “science” junk. A lot of it is patriarchal gobbledegook that I usually don’t bother with. Especially the bits that don’t support the narrow ideological world-view that I passionately cling to no matter what.

And I’m especially disinterested in astronomy. Such violent, male-glorifying concepts as the “Big Bang” are a Big Turnoff; the phrase “Black Hole” was developed by misogynistic, gynophobic astronomers to frighten wimyn away from their suspiciously penis-like observatories.

But this article caught my eye because of the sheer horror it embodies for all womin everywhere: Space “probe” pulls alongside asteroid.

And why do you think this so-called “probe” is there? Look what’s going to happen!


The Hayabusa probe is going to brutally RAPE that poor astro-victim! A horrid phallus is going to be fire its seed into the pure and virginal surface of that innocent, passive space-rock in an attempt to humiliate and degrade all us wimmin back on earth. This wretched act was deliberately calculated to keep us living in our usual state of perpetual fear!

And this is a pattern, my sisters. An unmistakable pattern that I see time and time again everywhere I turn.

In July, the notoriously female-unfriendly NASA used a distinctly penile-shaped craft to put-on a sick interplanetary porn show. This so-called “Deep Impact” mission Deep Throated a heavenly body by painfully augering a “penetrator” deep within its silky soft comet-pussy in a non-consensual manner.


This sick astro-rape fantasy was seen online by thousands of horny perverted men! And in the typical game of blame-the-victim, they probably accused poor Tempel 1 of deserving it because she wore a short skirt. The bastards.

And what would happen if a ponderous chunk of oppressive male debris decides to rape Mother Earth?


Without a doubt, wimyn will be the biggest victims of all because we are uniquely vulnerable to having tons of red-hot nickel-iron falling out the sky at high velocities. Men will stand-around laughing at us without a scratch while us poor womyn get smashed to atoms!

Sisters, maybe I say this every week, but I have never before been so angered in my life as I am right now!