WE Are Never Hypocrites. Only THEY Are.

Want to know what pisses me off the most about fucking men? They are so inured by their sexism that they don’t even notice how sexist they are.

Now, I occasionally need to reassure my readers for the sake of appearances: I have nothing against men. I just think they’re just a bunch of oppressive, violent, mentally-inadequate, homophobic, reactionary, racist, lunkheaded, rapist-wannabes with blocks of concrete for brains. And they always sling nasty stereotypes without ever listening to their own words.

They aren’t even aware of all the privileges that are conferred onto them because they were born male and they refuse to admit having any privileges. This is completely the opposite of us wimyn: we can’t admit to having any privileges because we just don’t have any.

For example, last week I was waiting to be served at a coffee shop. After being allowed by all the male morons waiting in line to skip-by them up to the counter (which is my birthright), some man I’d never met remarked that I looked as if I was having a bad day. The jerk then offered to pay for my coffee and even had the temerity to ask me for my phone number while my drink was being poured. I immediately balled-up a fist and threatened to box him on the lip.

Did he really imagine that I, a liberated womyn, would ever be inclined to give him, a mere penis-haver, my precious phone number? Does he think I am obligated to treat him with a shred of respect just because I claim to be his equal?

To make a long story short: the phallocrat was irritatingly unaware of his male privileges and that is why I demanded that he pay for my coffee immediately. After he did so, I told him to get out of my face or else I’d whip-up some fake tears of distress and trick some nearby man into beating the hell out of him.

How cowardly and manipulative his behavior was! How shameful and pathetic.

I tell you, sisters: so many men are completely ignorant of all the unfair behavior that they take for granted on a daily basis.

I guess enjoying too many privileges can make you hypocritical and stupid. Good thing I’m not like that.