Couldn’t Say It Better Myself

I enjoyed this letter to the New York Times written in response to a recent stupid cover article about idiotic non-feminist women who refused to eschew their personal choices for an all-important 50/50 (or better) gender parity.

The last line of this letter brought a tear to my eye. The logic within it is so pure as to damage the brain:

Just because women cannot “have it all” does not mean that we should stop demanding it.

You go grrrl! Never stop having that cake and eating it too, just like the feminist “Emily” in this article:

…Emily feels that whoever does the asking, male or female, should be entirely prepared to pay for the date … she’s just too much of a wimp to ever do the asking.

Still, Emily does argue that there are times when even if the girl asks for the date, the guy should still pay for dinner.

In the fashion of a truly empowered grrl, Emily demands equality until she has to pay for something or risk romantic rejection or do something else that she doesn’t feel like doing. That’s when she rediscovers her love for old-fashioned traditions such as female passivity and having someone else do all the heavy lifting for you.

Isn’t feminism a fantastic buffet? You can pick and choose when you want equal treatment while loading-up on chivalrous junkets and freebies.

Us womyn need our options– but especially sweet are the options that allow us to change the rules back and forth whenever it benefits us. As long as you’re “aware” that you’re a dishonest scam-artist, then it’s perfectly okay. Feminism is all about “CHOICE”!

…Such as having a choice to not have equality whenever you don’t want to have it.