My Twat is OUTRAGED!!

I am howling with LIVID FURY!

I spent the whole morning running-around my apartment, screaming and windmilling my arms to punch whatever came within reach. Because George “W Is For Womyn-Hater” Bush nominated some Alito dipshit to the Supreme Court. ARGHH!!

It’s official, my fellow vagina-warriors: WE NO LONGER OWN OUR OWN BODIES!

The end of womynhood as we know it is nigh!

And I must sublimate my anger the way I always do: with pussy-poetry, which I will soon submit to the local Womyn’s Cliterature Collective.

I call this one: My Twat Is OUTRAGED!

My twat roars with consternation!
Tremble before my twat, you jealous motherfucking MEN.
For my twat is unleashed!
And no, I won’t let you control me.
You won’t punish me for fucking.
I will fuck, fuck, fuck.
Fuck every day.
Fuck anyone I want.
In every room.
On every surface.
Because I CAN!
And I will not reproduce.
Just to spite ya!
In fact I might be fucking right now, you green-eyed patriarchal bastards.
Does that bother you?
Does that make you hot under the collar?
Does it make you jealous?
What do you mean it doesn’t?
Of course it does!
Because it means you can’t control MY BODY!
No, you can’t, so HAH!
I will fuck and fuck and I shall have an abortion too.
Yes, you heard me right.
I shall abort whatever grows within me.
In fact, I shall have an abortion every day!
Yes mister MAN, does that horrify you?
Mangled bits of fetuses shall sluice out of me in a raging, unstoppable torrent!
Like stewed tomatoes popping-out a cannery’s chute.
What a glorious sight that will be.
And you can’t stop the flood of chunky baby-salsa.
Not. Stop. It. Ever.
You can’t punish me for owning a twat.
Which I no longer own anymore anyway.
No, I’ll drown the world in a bloody, clotty flood from between my legs!
My twat will be the death of you, patriarchy!
For my twat is OUTRAGED!