WTF??? Women not smart???

So I saw an offensive article in a scientific journal today. I only skimmed the article because I had to be somewhere, but I think the headline speaks for itself:


See, apparently some (male, duh) scientists did some study of IQ’s or whatever the fuck they study and found that the average intelligence of women is not higher than the average intelligence of men.

Hell no.

This is a blatant insult to everything that we as feminsts, nay, as humyn beings stand for. Women are not smarter than men? What a Neanderthal point of view! Just when I think our society is progressing beyond such chauvinistic points of view, some MAN comes up with a “study” like this.

Hey, asshole: Women are JUST AS SMART AS men, you stupid moron.

Not that I’m saying women are stupid morons. I’m just saying women are just as smart as men and that this man is a stupid moron.

Besides, hello? Who the fuck do these assholes think they are, saying women aren’t smart? If women are so stupid, how come I can’t think of a witty retort for the end of this sentence? Huh, fuckwad?

The point is, as feminists, we believe in EQUALITY. And this suggestion that women are not smarter than men is like spit in the face. I suggest that we, as women, all protest by getting math or science degrees and becoming engineers or inventors. I’m not going to because I personally suck at math and science and have no desire to be an engineer or inventor, but I could if I wanted to because I’m a smart and strong woman.

I mean, no I couldn’t, because there are all kinds of sexist barriers preventing women from becoming mathematicians, scientists, or engineers. But if those barriers weren’t there, I’d be one of those things so fast.

I mean, I wouldn’t, because I don’t want to be. But I totally COULD, so there.