Brilliant Femi-Logic

As I have pointed-out before, one of the fabulous things about being a feminist is that you are free to contradict yourself every five minutes without ever noticing your own words. Lopsided reasoning is all-important to us because intellectual consistency is a sure indicator of an unenlightened mind.

Case in point: the blogger who writes The Girl Gets Away. Her femi-logic is so advanced and pure that it hurts so-called “normal people” to even approach her level of mental keeness.

Jenna, who is a hugely intelligent braniac by the high standards of feminist bloggers, posts the following musings on the controversial book Women Who Make the World Worse by Kate O’Beirne. Being a feminist (and clairvoyant to boot), she is therefore expertly qualified to judge a book which she refuses to read:

Kate O’Beirne’s provocatively-titled anti-feminist screed by that title is getting rave reviews from people who think all women make the world worse…

As we see here, jenna concludes that the people who see some fair statements in Kate O’Beirne’s book only do so because they think that all women make the world worse, not just the ones mentioned in the book. This point is so obvious that it requires absolutely no evidence to support it whatsoever: someone who thinks differently from us feminists is probably a complete bigot. This is because criticism of a group of women is actually an affront to ALL women and is therefore misogynistic.

Oh, but wait! By this same logic, doesn’t jenna’s criticism of Kate O’Beirne’s female fans amount to an attack on ALL women everywhere? Or if we feminists sneer that female critics of feminism are dimwitted and weak-minded tools of the Patriarchy, are we guilty of making misogynistic generalizations ourselves?

Fortunately, no!

Because only a feminist is allowed to decide what misogyny is and who is guilty of it (see The Sweet Pink Rules of Feminism). And any criticism of feminism, however well-reasoned or well-researched it may be, is an especially vulgar expression of misogyny. And wonderfully, this principle has the convenient result of protecting our friends and slandering anyone who thinks beyond the confines of our beloved cult of perpetually-wounded victimhood.

Generally, we feminists react more angrily to female critics of feminism than we do to male critics. By default we assume that critics of feminism must be male; we become livid whenever this assumption turns-out to be wrong. Men, being mentally inferior bastards, can be easily dismissed. We never listen to men because their opinions are worthless and annoying to us. But a womyn’s opinions matter much more. If a woman dares to notice that our ideology is often self-serving and hypocritical, that is when we react by going absolutely bananas. And no, such a reaction is not indicative of our sexism at all because only men can be sexist.

But moving right along, there is even more wisdom for jenna to impart on the rest of us:

The title, combined with the relatively slim size of the book tells you something about the sexist society [sic]. There are not many women prominent enough for O’Beirne to cite… Women have a much more difficult time making the world worse, because women often lack the access to nuclear weapons that men take for granted.

Such words are true in so many ways that only a feminist could have come up with them. Instead of being an openly preposterous overgeneralization from the blog of a smug ignoramus, it reveals the sublime beauty of how we feminists think.

Thanks to jenna’s laserlike penetration into human nature, she has discovered that “men”- all men, apparently- take for granted that they have access to nuclear weapons. I never would have imagined that my uncle had a pile of B-61s stashed behind his woodshed. How interesting that he never mentioned it whenever us oppressed womynfolk were around. The Patriarchy’s capacity for secret-keeping is truly infinite. One must also remember that A-bombs hit women the hardest and are used to exclusively victimize us.

Furthermore, no womyn has ever been in a position to authorize the use of nuclear weapons. Just ask Indira Gandhi who oversaw India’s first nuclear test or Margaret Thatcher, whose administration participated in at least 13 nuclear tests.

But there’s even more brilliant thinking in evidence. Later in the same post, without a trace of irony, jenna expresses irritation about hasty sex-based generalizations. As long as they are made about our precious sex, that is:

That’s the problem with people who say all women are a certain way. Not all of them are, honey.

So while making generalizations about women is completely inappropriate, jenna’s own ditzy generalizations about men are always perfectly appropriate. Every woman is different but men are all the same.

Men ought to be judged collectively, but women ought to be treated as individuals.

Women are equal to men in every way, except we are morally superior to men in every way.

How bigoted are miscreants who think that women make the world worse. How non-bigoted are feminists who think that men make the world worse.

And men, as a group, absolutely make the world worse. Women are so weak, honeylike and pure that we have never inflicted pain on anybody. And if women have ever inflicted pain on anyone then it doesn’t really matter! We can always change the subject to the usual feminist passtime of blaming men for everything. Thank Goddess we never tire of that game.

Finally, I wish to point-out that one of the major points in O’Beirne’s book is that many feminists frequently act in an intellectually dishonest fashion.

It’s a good thing that jenna doesn’t perfectly illustrate that thesis, eh?