Duke U. Womyn’s Lacrosse Team = Mindless Stepford Wives

If this doesn’t turn your stomach, my systyrs, then nothing will:

Duke’s Womyn’s Lacrosse Players Support The Men’s Team!

Brainwashed traitors!

Yes, the women’s lacrosse team of Duke is planning on wearing sweatbands saying “innocent” in their upcoming game against Northwestern!!!

Just look at this picture and tell me what you see:


Do you see a group of independent-thinking college womyn who know how to stand-up for what they believe in?

NO!! You see disgustingly WEAK and MINDLESS fools who collude in their own oppression while silencing noble exotic dancers of color!!

These unthinking idiots are so deeply manipulated by Patriarchy that they don’t comprehend the extent to which white, middle-class college-womyn are victimized in 21st century America. The Patriarchy has duped them all into standing in solidarity with the vilest creatures in the whole universe: whiteaccused rapists!!

Why don’t they just go get themselves some kneepads and mouthwash if they’re going to suck-off the Patriarchy’s phallus like that? GRRRRR!!!

What this indicates is that the female lacrosse players at Duke U feel that the accused rapists have characters decent enough to suggest that they likely did not do what they are suspected of doing. But we feminists duly understand that those Duke accused rapists are completely and utterly guilty of everything!

They’re guilty despite the complete lack of DNA evidence against them. They’re guilty despite the fact that the District Attorney badly wants to use this case as a platform for his own re-election campaign and has arguably engaged in witness intimidation in a mad scramble to shore-up his shaky case. And they’re especially guilty despite the fact that the accuser’s story has changed over time and can barely stand-up to scrutiny or in-depth thought. Ignore all of that because all you need to know is womyn never make false rape accusations. So there.

And if a womyn would ever do such a thing, then falsely accusing men of rape is a great way of raising their awareness about how womyn never make false accusations.

Indeed, if we feminists had our way this whole “due process” bullshit would be completely discarded for these kinds of situations. In fact, the doctrine of “presumed innocent” has been pretty much discarded already. As it ought to be.

No evidence should be necessary beyond a womyn’s word alone.

In fact, a womyn should be allowed to make rape accusations anonymously.

Against anyone she likes.

Through the mail.

And the envelope shouldn’t even need a stamp, dammit!

The Duke lacrosse team is 100% GUILTY due to their loathsome penis-owning. And even if they didn’t actually rape anyone, they could have raped someone and that is sufficient grounds for them to be shot in the head to make other potential rapists think twice in future.

In protest, we feminists should wear sweatbands emblazoned with “Kill Those Nazi Rapists!” as a way of precisely counteracting the ones which say “Innocent”.

Just to leave no stone unturned, we should also demand that every penisbearer at Duke be strung-up by his vicious genitals so that every womyn can feel safe and secure that she will not be attacked as she asserts her Goddess-given right to remove her clothes for moderately-sized wads of cash wherever and whenever she wants to.