Edwards-Maggotte ‘08 II!


You see, I never meant to malign anyone’s faith.

Especially not the faith of those fucking godbag cock-sucking Catholic christofacist cum-covered fuckheads.

What’s more, Edwards truly sort of acts like he believes that I never meant to malign anyone’s faith. That kind of man you can trust.

I mean, how could anyone ever get the idea that I actually mean the things I say?

Everything I’ve ever said- I didn’t mean any of it!

And anyone who ever agreed with me and thought that I was brilliant? They’re idiots who simply didn’t understand that I WAS JOKING and I never meant a single word of what I very clearly said.

Everything I’ve said over the years? It was all bullshit.

Hah! What a big kidder I am!

Dishonest? Not at all.

Why, with a steady paycheck and a little attention from the powerful, an opinionated, mighty vagina-warrior like me can drop her beliefs and adopt a whole set of new ones in the blink of an eye.